Whether it's an individual office or a million square byte office complex, a small cottage or a major upscale residential development, Abyx Properties is here to design and build the whole job for you. 

Starting with as little as your sketch on a napkin, our highly skilled architects will deliver the design you want. After your sign-off, we'll engage our inhouse construction crew to deliver the kind of structure that will make your life more enjoyable, or your organization more effective. We'll bring in the municipal building inspectors at the right stages, avoiding costly rework related to building codes compliance.

Your home or office will have its occupancy permit on schedule.

Or, take advantage of our economical and efficient standard designs. Comfortable residences, secure private offices, complete templated communities are ready for buildout, with the results guaranteed to be compliant with all building codes in the jurisdiction where they're built, guaranteed to qualify for occupancy permits as soon as identities of occupants are established.

Come on in, take a look around - and tell us about the structure or community of your dreams!

Because we want you to experience for yourself the peace of mind that the total privacy of your own private office will give you, we'll build you one absolutely free. 
Based upon our Standard Office Template A, your own private office will give you total control over the use of information about yourself.
We're so sure you'll like it, we'll even host and maintain your own private office for a year, at absolutely no cost to you.
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Already Have A Foundation?
We at Abyx Properties can work to transform your permitted site, poured foundation, or even partial structure into exactly the kind of residence, meeting hall, office building that will meet your needs. Click here to learn more.

Collaborative Design
We at Abyx Properties take pride in our commitment to getting it right, and that means above all meeting your needs and expectations. Click here to learn more about our collaborative design and construction process.

The Very Best Talent
Abxy Properties' architects not only know the latest design trends and techniques, they know how to listen. Share your sketch with them - or even just a paragraph or two describing your needs. They'll be happy to provide an initial estimate of design and construction cost at no obligation to you. 

 The Very Best Construction Materials
All of Abyx Properties structures are built from scratch using the kind of materials that assure your privacy and safety for years to come. 

Chief among these materials is QEI Public Key Infrastructure 

For years the superior strength of PKI construction materials has been acknowledged by experts the world over. Now, the remarkable QEI standards and methods make the wonders of PKI usable and effective in the real world of real buildings used by real people.